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Acoustic Requirement in Auditorium

The auditorium is now a day necessity of any city or town plan. It is used for all type of performance, dram, and music program and for all other events. For all events it is essential that everyone presented hear clearly and enjoyable everything that is presented. This is main goal of acoustical design for auditorium.

Dramatic theatre productions — Shakespeare and the like — rely on clear and easy intelligibility of actors’ speech and a natural connection with the audience. For most plays, it is important that this be achieved without the use of voice amplification. Similarly, concerts of orchestra, chorus or band showcase the natural, unamplified sound of these ensembles in the hall. These concerts require acoustical blend and reverberation as well as clarity, and these are best achieved through natural acoustics.

Mass., prefers to avoid amplification for choral concerts. For a Capella groups, he uses microphones for soloists, but will only resort to mic’ing the group “if something about the room is off.” In musical theatre productions, actors and featured singers are mic’ed, both for balance with the pit orchestra and for artistic reasons, to facilitate a Broadway stage singing style.

Providing quiet background noise conditions is among the most important tasks of the acoustical design of any performance space, and helps audiences to focus on the performance.

In this way, good design, including acoustical design, will continue to pay educational, artistic and financial dividends for decades to come.

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